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True Princess ES True Princess
2010 Gray Straight Egyptian Filly

(Flying Colours MCA X Kattarrah)

Kattarrah's first foal, a filly, born on March 14, 2010. A perfect little Princess! This is a foal we have been waiting a long time for and she is gorgeous in every way. She will be a big asset to our broodmare band. Very typey as expected, we are so excited about her. Flying Colours comes through again with another filly. Kattarrah is a perfect mother and gets to claim the "Mother of the Year Award"!

True Princess
True Princess

ES True Talisman True Talisman
2010 Chestnut Straight Egyptian Colt

(Flying Colours MCA X WA Talia)

WA Talia, our Tammen daughter's first cross with Flying Colours, foaled a very upright and correct colt. Born on April 17, 2010. This colt has very long legs and tremendous movement! Talia has always stamped her foals with excellent qualities.

ES True Talisman

Ama Hadi Too
2009 Gray Straight Egyptian Filly

(ES Ama Hadi X Mayanna KA)

Hadi's first foal, a filly, born on July 21, 2009. She is a doll, very typey head, extremely long legs. Looks like he stamped his Ansata legacy on her! Owned by Anne Wyss.

Ama Hadi Too
Ama Hadi Too

Candy Colours
2007 Gray Straight Egyptian Filly

(Flying Colours MCA X Megira)

"Candy Colours" is our first foal from Flying Colours, and he gave us a filly! Born on April 4, 2007 around 9:00 pm, what a delight. She is a beauty and one sassy girl. She was ready to get up almost as soon as she hit the ground.
On her first try, she rose to success on those
long legs. Her mom Megira, gets the "Mother of the Year Award".

Candy Colours 3mo
Candy Colours 3mo
Candy at 3 months!
Candy at 11 months! She is growing into a real beauty, she has a very dishy head and expressive eyes just like her sire.

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